5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Ketamine Infusion

Being nervous, excited, and optimistic prior to your first ketamine infusion is completely normal. While this alternative depression and anxiety treatment can certainly inspire mixed feelings, there is no need to worry. Preparing for your first infusion is easy and helps the entire process go smoothly. Keep in mind the following tips prior to arriving for your ketamine infusion. 

Fill Out Paperwork Ahead of Time

If you’ve received your consent forms ahead of your visit, fill them out prior to the day of your appointment. Certain drug therapies require additional paperwork and cannot be administered without the patient’s explicit consent. Our clinic will make sure that you’ve received all the paperwork you need to in order to understand what your treatment encompasses. During your initial consultation, we’ll review the details of your first infusion, including all pertinent consent forms. 

Consider the Clinic’s Amenities

Some infusion clinics offer blankets, TVs, WIFI, and other similar conveniences so you don’t need to bring your own. Rules and guidelines vary from place to place, so it’s important to check which amenities your clinic offers. We invite guests to bring in whatever blankets, pillows, music, or other items they need to feel comfortable. We will provide an eye mask, blanket, pillow, curated music, and headphones. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing

The duration of each ketamine infusion treatment varies, but can take up to a couple of hours.  Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that you can lounge in. Bring an extra pair of socks or an additional jacket if you get cold easily. Tight-fitting clothing may elevate discomfort and anxiety and should be avoided on treatment day. 

Hydrate Appropriately

You may be experiencing fluctuating emotions a few days leading up to your infusion, and that could disrupt your sleep, appetite, and energy. Be sure to drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids a few days leading up to your ketamine infusion. This will promote a good night’s sleep, control your appetite, and help you maintain stable energy levels so you can stay focused. Additionally, healthy hydration levels aid our doctors in finding a good vein for your infusion.  You should stop eating and drinking 4 hours before your infusion. Should you need to use the restroom during your treatment, the infusion bag will accompany you and the staff will aid you in walking to and from, if necessary. 

Allow Yourself to Feel Whatever You Are Feeling

For those pursuing this form of treatment, whether for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, etc., you may experience a mix of emotions before the session. It’s likely that you’ve tried countless other remedies to earn back a better quality of life. It’s also likely that your current mood disorder is drastically hindering some of the most treasured experiences – forming relationships, pursuing a career, raising a family, or even enjoying a good meal. You may look at ketamine infusion therapy with optimism, hesitant hopefulness, or even a bit of skepticism. Everything you are feeling is welcome, and we take great pains to make sure that above all else, you are feeling well looked after and safe. Extend kindness and compassion to yourself. You are taking another step on the road to recovery and self-care. 

If you’ve struggled with finding treatment for chronic pain, PTSD, depression, or other mood-related disorders, we’d love to discuss how ketamine infusion may help. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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