“Dr. Ibrahim is amazing. Their listening, deep knowledge, and empathy provided me with a sense of safety and HOPE. I am a two weeks post, and I feel as if the depression has simply lifted.

I feel alive and unencumbered from the emotional weight I had been carrying. For that I am tremendously grateful.” 

“Ketamine infusion therapy is the most effective treatment for my depression and anxiety that I’ve ever done. And I’m glad I had it done here at Infuse Ketamine Treatment Center. I finally felt a sense of what being “normal” is all about.”

“If you are apprehensive, set it aside. This is a game changing therapy with a staff that is second to none. The doctor is excellent and the staff up front is warm and friendly. They get it. They care. This therapy unlocks doors that have been barriers to happiness for me.”

“Finding Infuse Ketamine has been the biggest blessing I could ever hope for, Dr. Ibrahim is incredibly patient and kind and I have felt better than I have in years.  If you are considering treatment, I highly recommend!”

“I went in a bit nervous, but both doctors made me feel safe and comfortable. After a total of eight sessions, I have been a much better, “me.” It’s far better to feel great than to feel down and ashamed! Thanks to Infuse.”

“Dr. Ibrahim and her team have been extremely compassionate. I still continue to receive superb medical treatment and ample time with my physician. Her medical care, bedside manner, and genuine compassion in regards to my quality of my life have remained beyond expectations. “

“Dr. Ibrahim has truly demonstrated the art of treating her patients with compassion while maintaining superb bedside manner, professionalism, and follow-up skills. She never gave up on my health and quality of life despite how challenging it has been for me. The miracle infusions made a significant positive impact in my quality of life.  It was almost unbelievable. By the end of my week of infusions, I felt like myself again… and it has been such a long time since I felt that.  I will forever be grateful for having such an excellent physician.”

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