What to Expect Before & During Your First Ketamine Infusion

Historically, ketamine has been used as an anesthetic, a pain killer, and even during wartime combat to treat life-threatening wounds. Unfortunately, ketamine has also had a history of abuse as a recreational drug. Now, however, research has found this medicine to be an effective treatment for several severe mood disorders, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Through infusion treatments administered and supervised by a medical physician, ketamine is offering relief for many individuals. Here’s what you can expect during a ketamine infusion treatment.

The Consultation Comes First

Before we recommend treatment, we schedule a consultation to determine whether ketamine is a good option for you. For patients who have sought mood disorder treatment previously and have failed to find relief after using two to three various medications or programs, ketamine may be an ideal course of action.

Depression is a serious and common mental illness. For instance, one in three women will experience a major depressive episode in their lifetime. Furthermore, it affects one in fifteen adults each year. If you’ve been struggling with a sense of dread, lethargy, and an inability to get out of bed, and traditional SSRI medication has failed to help, it may be time for a ketamine infusion consultation. 

How Does Ketamine Infusion Work?

If you’ve ever received a saline drip or given blood, ketamine infusion works similarly. Treatment is administered through an IV and lasts anywhere from 40 – 60 minutes long. Depending on your health and the condition for which you are seeking treatment, the dosage, number of infusions, and timeline of treatment will vary. If being treated at our clinic, you can expect a very comfortable and calm atmosphere.

How You May Feel During the Infusion

Everyone experiences physical and psychological feelings differently during a ketamine infusion. However, the majority of individuals will likely experience some form of dissociation, in which they will feel separated from their thoughts, mind, feelings, and body. Ketamine helps individuals relax, especially those suffering from anxiety or PTSD. Dissociation doesn’t normally prompt fear or panic, but allows the individual to be less consumed by negative thought patterns and feelings. In some cases, individuals may experience feelings of euphoria and deep relaxation.   

Treatment Timeline

For mental health related issues, a typical ketamine schedule consists of six infusions over two weeks. After this initial round, patients may require a booster every two to four months. Those suffering from chronic pain will receive a ketamine infusion every day for five days.

Post-Treatment Care

As the infusion begins, the patient may feel groggy and tired, but these feelings subside after the IV has concluded. Patients will require a ride home after each treatment and are not permitted to operate heavy machinery or drive for at least twelve hours after the infusion.

Ketamine treatment through infusion is a minimally invasive, comfortable procedure that can provide significant relief. Our experienced staff prioritizes your health, comfort, and wellbeing each time you visit the clinic. Contact us today to learn more.

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